About Us

At Top Betting Offers we are committed to helping fellow punters make the most of their gambling, so we want to be absolutely transparent about who we are, what we do and, most importantly, why we do it.

Who we are

Above all we are gamblers, too. We have been placing bets and researching betting sites for years and Top Betting Offers developed from our love of betting and wanting to share what we have learned and found with the world.

As punters, we are not linked with any bookmakers or betting sites and do not receive any payment from them to write our reviews. Because there is no incentive for us to write a good review you can be sure our reviews are fair and unbiased.

What we do

We write and share the information that will help you make the most of your bets, whatever you bet on.


We will give you honest and impartial reviews of bookies’ sites. Because we are gamblers ourselves you can trust us to know exactly what we are looking for, so we will find the good and bad in any betting site. We also know that all punters are different, so we will consider that in our reviews, making sure that we cover all aspects and think about every type of gambler. And because we are independent, you can trust us to be impartial and not try to send you to anything but the best websites.

The most generous betting offers

We love a good offer as much as anyone else, but we also know that sometimes they come with catches. You can trust us to hunt down the very best offers and check them out before sharing them with you. We’ll make sure you don’t miss out on free bets, casino and money-back offers. But we’ll also read the small print to make sure you aren’t caught out by tricky terms and conditions that sometimes leave you losing far more than you gain so you meet wagering requirements or place bets before a tight time limit.

The best tips

You will never be able to fully eliminate the element of chance in a bet: even shortest odds don’t come home sometimes. But we’ll do our best to point you towards the best bets, sharing tips from experts to help you make the most of your flutters. We can’t guarantee a win, nobody can, but hopefully we’ll make it a bit more likely you’ll be withdrawing winnings.

Why you can trust us

We are totally independent of any bookmaker or gambling site. That means when we write reviews or recommend offers we are doing it honestly, and not because we’ve been paid to say it.

Above all, we do all this because we love gambling just as much as you do. First and foremost, if we recommend a site, suggest an offer or give you a tip, it’s because it’s something that we would, and probably do, use too.

Responsible gambling

We are committed to responsible gambling. That means we want to make sure that you are safe when you are gambling, that you can stay in control when you do, but also that you know how and where to get help if you feel you, or someone close to you, needs it.

We will only share links with sites that are fully licensed with the UK Gambling Commission, so you know that you, and your money, are safe when you are betting.

Affiliate links

Running a website like this isn’t free and the costs of hosting and bandwidth soon mount up before we even start adding new content and keeping old content up to date. To help us cover costs we use affiliate links.

Affiliate links are common, many sites will use them without even telling you. These links take you to a new site like any link does, but they will also tell the new site who sent you. This means that, after you’ve followed them, if you make a deposit or use an offer we have recommended they will give us a small payment for the referral.

There is no cost to you when you use an affiliate link. The service or offer you will get is exactly the same whether you use our link or go to the site directly. This means the choice is entirely yours, but we hope that you’ll decide to use our affiliate links because that will help us carry on finding and telling you about the best offers we have found.

Our commitment

We want Top Betting Offers to be the best resource to betting on the internet, so our commitment to you is simple, we will work day and night to make sure we are the best resource to betting.

We will do this by:

  • Always maintaining our independence. We will never change a review because we have been paid, so you will know that we will only recommend sites and offers because they deserve recommending.
  • Only using betting fans for our content. When you read about a site or an offer on this site you will know that it’s been written by a fellow gambler who knows what they are writing about. That way you can be sure that it’s been fully researched and the author hasn’t missed anything.
  • Responding to our readers. The only way we can make sure this is the best resource it can be by making sure we are responsive. As gamblers, we have a great idea of what fellow punters will be interested in, but if you think there’s something we’ve missed, or there’s something that you feel you want to know more about then let us know.

That way, when you use our site, you will be confident you are getting the best advice and guidance you can.